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  • Who we are

    Flamenco was a new world for me until my wife introduced it. Her passion towards the musical dance was considerably high and beyond just an interest. It has become part of her life style. Blessed with a talented teacher, her daily lessons were wonderful and had been a fulfilling one. Except, for one concern - the costume. In Japan, obtaining a satisfactory flamenco costume is rare compared to ones found in Spain. Even luckily enough to get one, it may be over budget or lack in size and variations. I asked my self, "I wonder how many people over the world having the same concern? Perhaps there may be more than we think of."

    This was how Flamenco Mercado began. With assistance from my wife and her classmates, we have managed to provide a high quality costume from designing to production at our own hands. We couldn't be happier than ever to deliver our passion to all flamenco dancers throughout the world. Just like my wife, we love to see as many bailaores be happy via our work.

  • Our Philosophy

    We consider all our customers to be leading players. In order to provide the best flamenco dance wears to you all, we never give up on our research and pre - production. Your voice is a great treasure for us and is always reflected on our product development. As our dresses are for all the people who love flamenco, we believe that our products need to be reachable to every one. To provide flamenco costumes at affordable prices with stabilized high quality, we independently developed our factory in Sri Lanka that produces products with promised genuine quality and designs managed in japan. We hope these products would contribute to your dance life and Flamenco that is one of the greatest art in the world.
Junji Kishi
President Director Kishi

*flamenco mercado is owned and operated by EMIKA Global Logistics.co.,ltd.in Japan.

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Our staff in Sri Lanka

We are manufacturing flamenco dancing costumes for ladies in our own factory under strict supervision by well trained staff. Our main ambition is costumer's satisfaction providing with best quality hand made finished products.

Lalitha SirimannaQuality Control ManagerLalitha