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René Heredia
Denver Flamenco lovers rejoice.
The Flamenco Fantasy Dance Theatre is the creation of René Heredia, one of the foremost Flamenco guitarists of today. As the Artistic Director of the Flamenco Fantasy Dance Theatre, and as a solo guitarist and with his Flamenco fusion group, he has produced shows and performed around the world.
In 1968 René brought the authentic sounds and sights of flamenco to the Denver region. At his Flamenco Center for Guitar and Dance he teaches classical and flamenco guitar and Spanish and flamenco dance in the true gypsy style.

Website: https://www.reneheredia.com
E-mail: gypsypoductions@comcast.com


Julia Chacon - Inspiración Flamenca Spanish Dance
Inspiración Flamenca was founded in 2008 by dancer Julia Chacón. A soloist with el cuadro de José Galván in Seville, Spain (2012-2013), Julia was also soloist with Maria Benitez’ Teatro Flamenco and Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana in the USA (2001-2012). Based in Phoenix, AZ and Santa Fe, NM; Julia instructs Flamenco and Classical Spanish Dance. She focuses on small group lessons of dedicated students resulting in maximum learning and rapid advancement. Classes usually include live guitar and singing, providing the musical framework of flamenco. Visit juliachacon.com for more info on Julia, classes, performances, and booking options.
Website: www.juliachacon.com 
E-mail: julia@juliachacon.com (Julia)


Flamenco Arana
Welcome to Flamenco Arana. We are dedicated to introducing Spanish flamenco dance and flamenco music to a growing audience in the San Diego area. Flamenco Arana joins powerful dancers in authentic costumes, vibrant native singers, and the mellow notes of a guitar to bring the sights and sounds of Spain a heartbeat away. Flamenco Arana links a historic past to an ever-changing, artistically dynamic future. We share our love and passion for this inspiring art form, and extend an invitation to all who hear the call. Flamenco dance shows, entertainment, flamenco dance lessons, workshops, resources; all this you will find inside.
Website: www.flamencoarana.com 
E-mail: cobarrubia@hotmail.com (Kristina Cobarrubia)


Descriotion of school: Gypsies Angeles is an institution dedicated 100 % to the teaching of Flamenco dancing, founded in 2003 by Monika Lange and his mother , Gloria Plaza. For nearly a decade , Gypsies Angeles has taught technique and choreography , in addition to receiving a great guest teachers to enrich the training of his students , among them : Siudy Garrido , La China, Maria Juncal , La Truco , Domingo Ortega, Adrian Galia , Pastora Galvan and La canela .
Similarly, the school has participated in various festivals in the city , as well as in Broward County . The director , Monika Lange was born in Caracas, Venezuela , and began studying Flamenco twelve years with Olga Marcioni ( La China ), then continued his training at the Academy of Siudy Quintero ward of Azilde Henriquez for over ten years .
Facebook: estudioflamencoangelesgitanos 
E-mail: angeles.gitanoscorp@gmail.com


Flamenco Chicago LLC
Flamenco Chicago is the city’s most established and welcoming center teaching contemporary flamenco dance to our primarily adult student body.Whether you are experienced in another form of dance, or have never taken a dance class before, we welcome you with our step-by-step training methodology that allows anyone to learn this beautiful and mysterious dance form. Have you heard others say that flamenco is difficult to learn? Not at Flamenco Chicago.Studio director Rosetta Magdalen has more than 20 years of experience as a flamenco dancer, teacher, and choreographer, and about her, the Chicago Tribune writes, “beautiful, seductive movement . . . with the coiled power of a tiger ready to pounce”. Despite the “tiger ready to pounce” description, the hallmark of our system of training is loving attention while helping each student to tap her (or his) own self-expression and excellence. We make the process fun, understandable, life-changing, and requiring very little practice at home — if you follow our guidelines of what to practice and exactly how to do it. Website: www.flamencochicago.com
Website: www.flamencochicago.com 


Arte Flamenco de Natalia Monteleon
Arte Flamenco offers classes at our studio in Laurel, MD for all levels, from beginner to advanced. The studio presents a full recital once a year featuring all students; in addition advanced students are invited to perform in festivals, shows, and concerts. Classes are accompanied by guitar and singer from time to time. Starting January 2015, Arte Flamenco will expand to offer classes for children, private lessons, and classes in bata de cola and in castanets; both day and evening hours will be available. Director - Natalia Monteleon Instructors: Natalia Monteleon, Claudia Romayne, Pam deOcampo
Website: www.arteflamenco.us


Anda Flamenco Company and School
Anda Flamenco School offers classes and workshops in traditional Spanish flamenco in Minneapolis, MN. Artistic Director Kristina de Sacramento believes that no one is incapable of learning to dance flamenco, and that it is our challenge as a school to find the right "language" to convey this information to students of all ages. We have a passion to share our love and knowledge of flamenco, and we invite you to come share in that passion. Anda Flamenco Company regularly presents "tablao" style flamenco, and is also known for their inventive theatrical flamenco comedies.
Website: www.andaflamenco.com 
E-mail: info1@andaflamenco.com (Kristina de Sacramento)

Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre and School
Susana di Palma founded Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre in 1982. One of the few American Spanish dance companies that present both traditional flamenco programs as well as original theater flamenco works; Zorongo is comprised of an ensemble of international artists, dancers and musicians who are renowned for bringing the power, passion and virtuosity of the art of flamenco to American audiences. Zorongo offers inexpensive weekly classes and workshops for all levels and all ages.
Website: zorongo.org 
E-mail: zorongoflamenco@gmail.com (Lorene)

New York

Steps on Broadway receives about 700 students and professional dancers a day from the New York area, as well as throughout the world. The school has classes in ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, ballroom, yoga, hip hop, mid-eastern dance and flamenco.
Website: www.flamencowithvictorio.com
E-mail: VictorioK12@gmail.com

The Center for Flamenco Arts
The Center for Flamenco Arts, operated by Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana, is one of only two New York City dance studios dedicated to the specific requirements of flamenco and other percussive dance forms. Opened in 2009, The Center provides a range of professional training classes and workshops, as well as enrichment programs for children and adults, and affordable rental rates for two studios “built by Flamencos for Flamencos.”
Website: flamenco-vivo.org/ 
E-mail: studio@flamenco-vivo.org


Joy of Motion Dance Center aims to provide the highest quality dance education and performance experiences that reinforce the principle that the art of Dance is for Everyone. Joy of Motion Dance Center teaches and encourages people of all ages to integrate dance into their lives for better individual and community health and well-being. The dances of Spain are varied and rich in ethnic and regional traditions. Joy of Motion Dance Center offers classes that give students the opportunity to study a full range of Flamenco. Flamenco is offered on both a drop-in and enrollment basis. Drop-in classes cost $17 per class. New Student? Try out one week of unlimited classes for $20. Drop-in discount packages are also available for purchase online and at our studio locations. 

Website: www.joyofmotion.org/ 
E-mail: info@joyofmotion.org (Whitney)


Garcia school of Dance
Garcia School of Dance was formed in 1985 in Westlock Alberta, Canada.
The Flamenco guitar and dance Troupe was formed in 1999 in the same location.
We have been teaching and performing Flamenco Dance and Guitar for the past 38 years.
Our year end productions are the first weekend in July! Then, we are off to Spain for Flamenco workshops in Madrid and Sanlucar!
Oscar will be performing with in Spain with his bands in 2016 with approximately 60 students, while Judith's Flamenco dancers perform to the live bands!

Website: www.flamencoenvivo.com 
E-mail: judithgarcia07@gmail.com

Los Gitanos school of Spanish Dance
At Los Gitanos, you will be immersed in the Spanish experience and learn Flamenco, Classical Spanish Ballet and Regional Spanish Dance, including castanets.
Beverly Mantovani is a certified Profesor de Baile by the Spanish Dance Society and classes consist of learning the Spanish Dance Society Syllabus, which is the world’s largest society for the advancement of Spanish dance in all its forms. The Spanish Dance Society stresses the pursuit of excellence in presentation, execution and instruction, and to promote the art of Spanish Dance globally.
At Los Gitanos, learning and growth is achieved in classes, both group and private, along with opportunities to perform for the community. The yearly Spanish Society examinations ensure that each dancer is learning the appropriate technical skills to truly grow as a dancer, to develop strength and knowledge of this dance form, and inner confidence!

Website: www.losgitanos.ca 
E-mail: info@losgitanos.ca

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