Privacy Policy

EMIKA Global Logistics Co.Ltd. ("this company") understands that it is our customer's innate rights to have the personal information that they provide to us protected and thus it is our social obligation to do so. This methods and provisions by which this company protects its private information are mentioned below.


1 Collection of Personal Information, Use, and Disclosure
  This company collects, uses, and discloses your personal information only under those circumstances deemed necessary to carry out its services.
2 Security of Private Information
  This company is committed to protecting your personal information from unauthorized access, use, loss and destruction through the utilization of security strategies and procedures. . This company shall take appropriate action in the event that personal information is lost or damaged.
3 Laws and Regulations Regarding the Protection of Personal Information
  This company shall handle personal information collected from its customers according to the laws and regulations of Japan pertaining to the protection of personal information.
4 Continuation and Improvement of Protection of Personal Information
  This company has set guidelines and procedures for the protection and handling of personal information. It also provides education in such matters to its employees and maintains ongoing monitoring to assure proper procedure is followed.
Guidelines for the Handling of Personal Information
1.The Collection and Use of Personal Information

EMIKA Global Logistics Co.Ltd. ("this company") shall use its customer's names, addresses, telephone numbers, birthday, FAX numbers, and e-mail addresses (referred to collectively as "personal information") for the purposes listed below.

1 This company shall use collected information in order to ship products, distribute catalogs and direct mail (DM), as well as to provide information about after-care service, new products, and customer service.
2 In order to allow this company and it's group to successfully carry out and improve its mail order and direct sales business.
3 To inform customers about this company and this company's group's other businesses and services.
4 To distribute catalogs and information of companies and organizations which have been deemed of interest to our customers.
5 To manage the investment creditability and perform transactions between this company, this company's group and its customers.
2.Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal information provided from customers to this company and this company's group shall not be disclosed to third parties except for instances covered by the below provisions.

1 In the event personal information is transferred to our group companies and/or subsidiaries in order to achieve business objectives.

***Companies with whom we share information.
EMIKA Co.,Ltd.

2 In the occurrence that this company's group is subject to a merger, division, or acquisition.
3 The case when this company is required to disclose personal information by the laws and regulations of Japan.
4 In cases deemed necessary to protect the well being or property of third parties.
5 In situations where permission has been granted by the customer to disclose their information.
3. Provision of Control of Personal Information
Personal Information provided by the customer to this company and this company's group may be transferred to a third party in order to achieve the business objectives of this company.
4. Disclosure and Change of Personal Information, Cancellation, Claim, and Contact

Please contact customer service regarding disclosure or change of personal information, cancellation of use, claims or questions.

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